Photonic Characterization of Solids, Liquids and Gases

Image: Photonic Characterization of Apples (Sources: SpectroNet Collaboration Cluster, XIMEA GmbH, Perception Park GmbH)

Photonic micro sensors and digital image processing are essential key components to measure and control quality – convenient, reliable and affordable.

To meet growing expectations for the quality of solids, liquids and gases in industry, biology/medicine, environment, security and management, new miniaturized photonic micro-sensors for shape, color, spectral and hyperspectral measurements are available. Latest developments in photonic micro sensors and digital image processing enable the simultaneous recording of shape, color and spectral information with specialized micro cameras. These cameras are named as hyperspectral cameras. They can be used for example in food and pharmacy industries to

- detect faults and contaminants in food,
- measure sugar or moisture content of fruits and vegetables and
- determine concentrations of active ingredients in tablets.  

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